How We Work

Aava International is a nationwide dental consulting firm focused on empowering dentists. Each one of the dentists/dental offices that we work with is evaluated based on their specific needs and goals before a customized success plan is developed. Due to our unique and proven processes, we can only help offices that are not within 5 miles from other clients (in most areas) to avoid any conflicts of interest.


Advantages of Joining Aava Dental:

  • A recognizable name that becomes familiar to the general public on signage, advertising, marketing and via word of mouth (without becoming a DPM).
  • Marketing campaigns that are not only cost effective but reach specific target markets that are typically cost prohibitive or un-reachable to most dentists.
  • Reduced cost on products, equipment and services (leading to higher profits).
  • A referral network of trusted dental professionals.
  • In-office training on all aspects of the business (including Human Resources, Risk Management, Front Office Management, and Treatment Counseling).